Sucker for “Suggestions”

I am such a sucker for “suggestions”. If I see somebody eat a specific food I enjoy I end up craving it up until I […]

Runeatrepeat Loses the Dough

I was inspired by Tina to come up with my own “Lose the Dough” plan. Tina is trying to lose the dough for her big […]

Tangent Tuesday–Ab hole

1st Food: considering that I ate a yogurt after running I thought lunch would be late. Well, I cooked this leek and egg wrap at […]

What’s this sound?

Ben always jokes that I never get ill so today every time I cough I ask him, “What is this noise my throat keeps making?“ […]

Friday fun

I didn’t have any clients yesterday so I spent my day running walking errands. I’ve been down in the dumps so I knew I needed […]

בלוגר במשרה מלאה

יש לי הודעה להודיע ​​- אני עכשיו אני בלוגר במשרה מלאה! (ברור שאני מנסה להסתכל בצד הבהיר של הדברים.) אני בהחלט מפוצץ מהעבודה שלי (או […]